Powder coating

Powder painting is an ecological and environmentally friendly method of applying painting systems ensuring very good corrosion resistance of coated elements exposed to aggressive environmental conditions while ensuring high esthetic values.

In our powder paint shop we apply high-quality epoxy, epoxyester, polyester and polyurethane coatings from leading manufacturers available on the global market by electrostatic method in suitably adapted painting booths. Then, after placing the details in the oven, polymerization of the powder occurs.

Powder coatings are applied to steel, galvanized and aluminum components together with the use of conversion coatings.

Painting ovens are equipped with a temperature control system enabling adjustment of the temperature and soaking time to the paint manufacturers’ recommendations in order to obtain the best coating properties.

Temperature control in the paint shop and professional staff guarantee the performance of any painting system on items with complex shapes to obtain a high quality final product.

We apply powder coatings based on the technical specifications provided by the customer or, on request, we choose a painting system based on ISO standards.

In addition, we issue appropriate quality certificates at the customer’s request.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, each stage of production is continuously monitored by the Quality Control Unit.

Surface preparation before painting is assessed by means of tests specified in ISO standards.

Adhesion of ready-made painting systems is a scoring grid method.

The thickness of the painting system is monitored after each applied layer in accordance with the specified painting specification and ISO standards

In addition, we visually inspect finished products and their gloss and thickness