Wet painting

Wet painting is a classic, proven and the most common method of applying protective paint systems to a variety of surfaces, allowing you to customize a paint product by changing its pressure at the gun exit and paint viscosity obtaining parameters that allow you to obtain any thickness of the finished paint product

To reduce the negative impact of wet paints on the environment, we use modern painting systems based on water-based paints and reduce the consumption of solvent paints.

In our paint shop we use paints, including epoxy, polyurethane and epoxy ester based on both solvent and water systems for steel, galvanized, cast iron and aluminum components applied by airless spray method and membrane pump.

In addition, the painting hall is equipped with a system that maintains a constant temperature and humidity in the painting room, enabling the application of the highest quality protective painting systems in conditions recommended by leading paint manufacturers regardless of external weather conditions, and paint ovens enabling faster curing of applied coatings.

We apply painting systems in accordance with the technical specifications and quality requirements specified by the clients, or on request, we choose protective painting systems based on ISO standards.

In order to ensure the best adhesion of paint coatings and their highest quality parameters, we use modern measuring instruments.

All the work done is completed with an appropriate quality certificate issued at the client’s request.