Anodizing aluminum

In our galvanizing, we perform soft anodizing (the thickness of the oxide coating is in the range of 5-30 microns). Anodizing is used for three purposes:

  • for anti-corrosive and mechanical protection of metal surfaces
  • for decorative purposes – anodized aluminum alloys acquire a characteristic texture, and by adding coloring substances to the electrolyte, durable, non-abrasive colored coatings can be obtained on the surface.
  • to create an insulating layer on aluminum foil, which can then be used to make capacitors

Anodized details are offered in the following colors:

  • natural (white)
  • black

Details made of pure aluminum or with a low content of alloying elements are easily anodized and covered with a colorless oxide layer.

Aluminum with a high content of alloying elements (Cu, Si, Mn) is covered with a gray layer of oxides, the coatings are thinner, less porous and dye worse.

We carry out the anodizing process in accordance with PN-EN ISO 7599.